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We are Cape Cod Peninsula!

Like most entrepreneurs in the US, we started our company as a small local business serving our hometown located on Cape Cod and, after a while, the New England area.
As we started to grow, we were very concerned to keep in our minds the essence of our business, to treat the customer not as we wish to be treated, but better.
This place intends to be an extension of our passion for quality services, giving the opportunity for everyone to have access to our craftsmanship-like products.
From one t-shirt to 100's other customizable items we are here to help you and your business.
Our team is a mix of creative minds - as the Designers and Illustrator - and a more technical staff, who gives not only support to the Art & Creation Department but provide our customer service team with all the necessary tools to respond to our customers in a timely manner.
Summarizing it's a controlled chaos 24/7/365, which we love it!
We will consistently and continuously rely on you to perfect this channel, offering discounts, matching our competitor's prices, working with you in every single aspect to have you always around.
This is our promise, to have you not only as our customers but partners of our future.
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It's gonna be a great journey!